• Project Title: “Competence Center for a SUstainable and Resilient built Environment using smart technologies”
  • Participating Organizations: REDI Engineering Solutions, 5 Greek Companies, UoWM, NTUA, ITSAK/EPPO
  • Funding Organization: Special Secretary for ERDF & CF, EPAneK 2014-2020, Operational Programme Competitiveness Entrepreneurship Innovation
  • Project Commencement Date:: 07/2021
  • Completion Date: 07/2023

Competence Centers

The project is funded in the framework of the Action “Competence Centers” by GSRT.

Project Overview

The objective of the project is the establishment of the “Competence Center for a Sustainable and Resilient Built Environment”. The tasks include the development of deep-tech tools, training, knowledge transfer activities and promotion of innovative practices. In addition, SURE is planned to be equipped appropriately. Research is performed in cooperation with extinguishing Academic Organizations and private companies.