SURE uses the building facilities of the University of Western Macedonia, covering 300 m2, with spaces for co-working, meetings and dedicated desk spaces.  and training classrooms. The University buildings have been designed to provide access to disabled people via ramps, elevators with sufficient space for wheelchairs and additional disabled WC areas.

Collaborating University Laboratories
University of Western Macedonia, Koila, 50100, Kozani
Tel: +30 24610 56743
  • Finite Element Modeling and Analysis Methods of Linear and Nonlinear Structures, Static and Dynamic Analysis (FEA).
  • Optimal Finite Element Modeling using FE model updating Techniques and Methods.
  • Hybrid Numerical-Experimental Structural Dynamics.
  • Vibration and Control of Linear and Nonlinear Dynamic Systems and Mechanisms.
  • Experimental Identification of Structural Parameters, Techniques and Methods for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and Fatigue Analysis.
  • Damage Detection using Machine Learning and Data-Driven decision support systems.
  • Numerical Modeling and Dynamic Analysis of Multibody Systems such us of Motors, Mechanisms, Powertrain Systems and Rotating Systems, Damage Diagnosis and Prognosis, Balancing of Gear-Bearing and Rotating Systems.

Powertrain Simulation and Fault Detection Experimental Device Drivetrain Prognostics Simulator DPS

Tensile, Compression and Bending Test of Metal and
non-Metal Materials.

Experimental Devices and Equipment (Accelerometers, Impact Hammers, Electromechanical Exciters, Strain Gauges, Data Acquisition Systems, etc.) for the modal analysis, identification and control of structural integrity of structures.

  • Mechanical tests: tensile, compressive, impact, bending, fatigue, creep, hardness and critical stress factor.
  • Non-destructive tests with radiography, ultrasound, magnetic particles, penetrating liquids and eddies.
  • Microscopic examination of the material structure to correlate the microstructure with the mechanical and chemical properties. Phase determination with Image Analysis and chemical analysis through the EDS system.
  • Chemical analysis of iron, aluminum and copper alloys with high precision scintillation spectrometer.

Fatigue Test Device | Impact Device | Universal Testing Machine