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Dr. Olga Markogiannaki

Olga Markogiannaki is a Civil Engineer from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and holds an MSc in Structural Engineering from Columbia University and a PhD related to the enhancement of the seismic safety of structures. Her field of expertise lies in the seismic assessment of structures, structural health monitoring and damage detection and in the effect of climate change to infrastructure. In the last years her activities also expand in the use of composite materials in structures. She has many years (> 12) of professional experience in the field of structural design and retrofit, engineering consulting services, organization and management of public and private construction projects and management of research projects, while she has also worked as an Executive Consultant to the Authority for the Examination of Preliminary Appeals (AEPP). She has significant research activity (over 50 publications in international journals and conferences) and has established collaborations in research projects with distinguished Academic and Research Institutions. She has also > 5 years of academic teaching experience. In addition, she is Vice President of the Association of Civil Engineers of Greece and Deputy Member of the Board of the Hellenic Scientific Society for Concrete Research, while she has also served as Vice President of a construction company for 6 years. She is a member in numerous committees of the Technical Chamber of Greece on Earthquake and Civil Protection and in an International Working Group (IABSE T.G.6.1) on the impact of climate change on infrastructure.